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About me

An engineer from Bratislava, Slovakia

During the years working with network and general data center technologies I have been in nearly all positions you can think of starting with network support, engineer, cisco training instructor, consultant to network architect. Despite deeply network focused, I will always remain a "tinkerer" and hold to my inner geek trying to remain universally educated in other fields including SDN, general virtualization and containers, programming, linux, web development (e.g. in the past Wordpress/PHP and recently doing network visualziation tools with Django and D3 javascrtip graphical library), DevOps, HW design and recently picked up computer vision and deep learning technologies. There have been many situations in my carrier that especially the knowledge outside of pure network focus played a critical role in making a project successful.

In addition, I actually have worked in customer facing roles and done some part-time consulting. I know how to present technical work and in general can be relied to keep professional relationships.

My Experiences

Previous companies and my tasks

Hewlett-Packard / DXC.Technology :
Senior Cloud Network Engineer 2016 Jul - present

In this position I worked for cloud offering developing new solutions for our portfolio ranging from minor automation improvements, to broader development of new features by deploying SDN/NFV technologies like Nuage, vmware NSX-T, and integrating even traditional appliance vendors into the cloud using VMs and API.

Hewlett-Packard :
Network Architect for large customer's CTO office 2014 April - 2016 Jun

Here I got to be thrown in the water directly working with the customer and being a dedicated "go to" person for anything network related to match customer high-level needs, issues or ambitions to the network portfolio of my company and sometimes hacking my way beyound it.

Hewlett-Packard :
Senior Network Engineer 2011 March - 2014 March

Working in datacenter environments of large customers mostly in German/Switzerland. Work varied from standard deployments to working (and repairing) Architecture solutions handed down from quick&dirty pre-sales phases. Also several large Cisco to HP (H3C/3Com) hardware migrations spearheaded by our team.

Cisco Courses Instructor 2009 Jun - 2011 March

Regional Cisco Networking Academy at Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies, Slovak Technical University, Ilkovicova 3, Bratislava, Slovak Republic

"Peter worked as Network Architect in my Team for an enterprise outsourcing customer in utility business. He brought a lot of added value to the team through excellent technical expertise in network architecture, technology and his good interpersonal skills in client management. During the two years he worked with me he could establish himself as trusted advisor for the client shaping and supporting strategic technology decsions of the client. He was able to work on all levels from high level designs to detailed technology low level designs, coordination and implementation work with HPE engineers. I appreciate him as a great colleague and wish him the best in the new position."

Hannes Leb

Senior Lead Solutions Architect at FUJITSU, October 2016

recommendation in LinkedIn Profile

My Education

Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering
2009 - 2011

Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies, Slovak University of Technology (Technical College),
Ilkovičova 3, 842 16 Bratislava (Slovakia)

  • Master Thesis: Visualization of live MPLS Traffic Engineering with SNMP provided information sources
  • Graduated with Deans Honors diploma
  • Master Thesis received acknowledgment from Slovak Academy of Sciences
  • Employed by faculty as network technologies instructor (Cisco Networking Academy) during final two years of study
  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering
    2007 - 2009

    Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies, Slovak University of Technology (Technical College),
    Ilkovičova 3, 842 16 Bratislava (Slovakia)

    My Certificates

    Cisco Certificates


  • CCNA Security - Jun 2009 - Verification No. 404284167959CNWK
  • CCNP (R&S) - Jun 2009 - Verification No. 404284167959CNWK
  • CCIP - Jan 2011 - Verification No. 405594170973DMMUL
  • CCNP Service Provider - May 2013 - Verification No. 414224169608HPZH
  • CCDP - Nov 2015 - Verification No. 425491357206BKYH
  • CCNP Enterprise - Jan 2022 - Verification No. Y2DFTHNHG3B41V3T

  • Other Certificates

    Since world is not Cisco you know ..

  • HP Master ASE - Network Infrastructure - 2012
  • EXIN Agile Scrum Foundation - 2018
  • Coursera.org: Cloud Computing - 2015-2016:
    (Concepts Part 1&2, Cloud Applications, Cloud Networking)
  • Some Highlights

    It is hard to show past work for a network guy, but let me just point out a few interesting items that I covered in my blog, NetworkGeekStuff.com.

    If you would like get in touch ...

    Languages I speak:

  • Slovak - native
  • English - fluent daily driver
  • German - intermediate